Of Nigeria, and it’s Antecedents


You are a god read backwards
reek of things done in peace
but that lavatory I revere a lot
Most ideas in colleges taught
brought before this laboratory
& it’s seats are most often lush
mouth like yours will never flush
When quiet; glares your oratory
You are work on weekends
like unwanted pregnancies
Surely if you happened earlier
I won’t turn on you cavalier
Or see you as President
of Nigeria, and it’s antecedent
You are a stray pet’s pest
determined, and bent
On mediocrity and depravity
A junk unsparing entity
A lowlife in a highlife, an island
in a desert, a desert in an island
A filt in a synagogue, but
for what it is worth, give credit
You’re frugal with your idiocy
and that I give all supremacy
You are a mistake to the right,
left lost for the rest of the night


Yours Truly, Waterfall

But for the sun
You will wet for life
And I will be the stream
My pipe to your mouth
I will sail seas and see
All waters journey yours
truly, waterfall
Awe always ask wherefrom
Spring your rainy day
Rainfall riles only deserts
Sunflower and sun jealous
Sunbeams on speedboats
It’s the season of cats and
Jelly fishes yell, a merry
Toads too tow boats
Naked snakes board the surf
Crocodiles on heavy boots
Match water on its face
Sad storm on safety belt
Thunder on the wagon jump
Waterfall turns rockfall
Blood never sinks, ferry
Not from water, vary


Madmen in Suit


That poem I wrote
is not to be explained
a visitor that announces
a train arrives a station
a rain in August
don’t scare the birds
but you begged me
as we beg God
you cried, we cry to God
when He dislikes your
face. No amount of begging
will cast the lights on you
& most beseeches
go unattended in heaven
that poem I wrote
is a blind man on the loose
a child can lead, a prostitute
a recidivist and ilk
across the road where
madmen in suit, cruise
I am a man of my world
I will kiss it as my bride
my face full of pride
that poem I wrote
in firm montains and rocks
will be laid bare to you
like the day you were born
traces of sperm on your face
virgin blood on your belly lay
untamed and unsullied
go to stanzas seven and eight
pluck it from it’s tree
watch it’s tree bleed, it’s
leaves threaten to flee
one kisses your feet
two block the road out
the poem I wrote
let truth be told
has strayed from my grip


Heaven Wings

My head hurts from bad news
Such that break and forces in
The kind that tells you that
Your dreams are not from
Your sleep. So sleep back
Watch your self dream
From the edge of the bed
Beside the alarm clock stand
Record it on your iphone and
This time, tell your self to smile
In it’s sleep it looks starful
And when about to wake
Go back to your slumber
A photoshoot of yourself
In heaven wings. Wake
When you have had enough
Evidence that my dreams
Are mine and mine alone.

Kiss On Water


Last night
I remembered God
created man and I have not
so I created this poem
all that can read will see
not because it’s a masterpiece
like Andrew Marvel’s
To His Coy Mistress
or like the seas and streams
blue by Him
last evening
I saw a flock of birds
in their flight from sky
kiss on water and swam
& I remember I haven’t
created anything so free
the breeze around the sea
wrapped me like a ring
I have never created a feel
so sweet, everyone glees
perfect for lover’s meet
last morning
my friend posted on his
whatsApp feeds, images
from the beach
sand around his feet
& water on his hair asleep
& his smile heavy
like rain that reminds me
I haven’t created a thing
that man can feel
hope in a morass of cope
loneliness, lovelessness,
lies, loss, lust, poverty,
Nigeria and other horror stories
where a laugh is worth a
million books on
hermeneutics and heuristics
I haven’t created anything
in the northeast and a tidbit
of yeast for the girls in Dapchi
& the boy in syria
so I created this poem
in 7 days no sleep
for the world to see
I created this poem:

“if only we knew

to quench our bluff

A cup of love is enough”

Canary in Your Sleep


I will fuck you for the rest of my life &
if you keep my heart under cardiac arrest
smell like lavenders and your smile new by noon
even when your graves are clipped, I will burn
candles on the brinks, and become a canary
in your sleep, wake you by evening and remind
you of the fuck you gave, before the lord
saved your walls before I break them, into
pieces of nothing left for the days that remain
forever we will unite and I will continue from
where I stopped for the rest of your death.

Hunger Feel


The Chinese army
marching in unison
cocking short guns
pounding long legs
in my head

A house uprooted
from it’s sink sleep
and placed firm
on my hand

A walk of
a thousand kilometers
no pause for air
or water splash
of face. With my legs

Pricked with spade
all let out
a gushing spring
flood my eyes

A quit notice
all let out in the cold
lavatory in base
room left bare
my stomach lay

Empty and blank
low intelligence quotient
blackout my mind
and brain drain

If a low man beggar you
in high pitch
during hunger feel, for
a meal, feed him
I beseech you.