Categorical Imperative of Love

Kiss as you will
your lips in his
love to be
lower lips first
tongue before nose
hands invisible so
goosebumps ignored
save the breast for
the last

Love with the speed
a passenger of love
command a driver
slow on bumps, and
fast in freeways
when I say stop
smack with your lips
and bite. Remember
I stop when I fall
& so you will.

Invade me as you will
an army of love soldiers
charge into your peace
drink all your wine
Split all your bread
raze your house to ground
leave you hopeless
homeless and lifeless
with a piece of my love
for the rest of your life.





For the love of calm
he hates man
For the love of God
who created man
he gave himself
a sip of wine
made of hope and

For the love of God
he loved one
pair of man
who gave him
a taste of, the
best of man

One had the heart
of gold
who gave him a
kiss of life
The other, a heart
of stone
who built him, the
bricks of life

After one month of man
he now drowns
in a pool of hearts
two man can
make a life
two lives can break
a man

Lost that night
one died in a car that crashed
glory, the car was insured
the other died in her sleep
glory, her bed was laid
the lies we tell ourselves
love can save us all
until the crash and
now we have

Petrichor of the dead hearts
stinking of love once had
now his heart has lesions
forever he has lost his calm

What About the Sun



Everyone wants a sun
To cast on her face, sunbeams
Take away the rain and shine
What about the sun’s

What about the bats
And the noise that comes with light
And the loneliness that comes
After Goodnight.

What about the night
Cast out by light
And the sweats that pore
From the poor.

My Body is a Burden


My body is a burden
That needs to be carried
Beyond nine calendar months
Like bag on the back
On baby wraps and slings

Now I carry myself on my head
Traveling for the rest of my life
A journey to afterlife
My body is a burden


Every Heart Has a Heart


Every heart has a heart,
the wicked man, to himself, most kind
the lowly man, to himself, most high
the murderer, to himself, hilt
the lonely man is not alone
above his head is surveillance star
the armed robber, to himself, vault
leave the sad man alone, happy
is the man who has found his heart, happier
is a man who has found the heart in his heart
the mad man, to himself, most sane
the dullard, to himself, most bright
the poor man who has found the heart
in his heart, most rich
every heart has a heart
don’t look at the clouds for your heart
or at still waters for a caricature
the world hates you, but do you yourself
look for love at central park
leave the recipe at home and go
if her heart is short, short your heart
the short man to himself, most tall
if she kisses with her mouth open, open your mouth
the parrot, to herself, most quiet
if her favourite flower is wild, wild your flower
wildfower to itself, most rosy
if she was born in march, march you’re born
march to itself, most moist
if she loves cats, cat’s your love
Cat to itself most petty.

The Letter “N”

The letter N is not the End
After Zee there is nothing to see
Two vertical lines at both Ends
Can’t help the middle line straight still
Two horizontal lines, heaven and earth
Can’t keep the middle man straight still
You can’t eNdevour without me
Or become eNormous from a feed
Or eNtitled to the coupons you win
Fight your eNemies with a Zeal
Forget me aNytime you sleep
When you wake for your coffee driNk
What we had will vaNish with the wiNd.

What Does it Mean to Doubt, in a Country Where Everyone Believes? #3

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my experience how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings, of that special right”- Mohandas Karamchad Ghandi.
I am not the kind that loves group activities, to be very frank, I hate group activities. I exude my best potentials when I work alone, in my limited private space and at my own dictated pace. The fewer the congregation, the freer I become and the more I participate.
I and people of my kind, undergo a lot when they are put in groups, our silence and tendencies to be reclusive are always mistaken with lack of confidence or incompetence. This is almost entirely untrue. To the extent that I have experienced first hand, most people that don’t participate or struggle to be seen when in groups, are usually the most fantastic, understanding and self- confident people when they are in their comfort and/or limited space.
I don’t want to go far and stereotype, as has been done by many in contemplating that the unintelligent are the most confident and the intelligent are the most unconfident, but I can say with full conviction that some people prefer to keep quiet and watch/observe, most of the time. It’s not fear, it’s not incompetence, it’s not malice, it’s not arrogance, it’s just a natural reality, our configurations are largely different. Stop expecting people to be exactly the same as you- the world needs to understand this.
Still on group activities, looking at it from another prism, there is a trend in Nigerian institutions of shaming people that try to engage in meaningful conversations with their lecturers, either by questions, seeking for clarifications, debates or commentaries during lectures. I think these groups are one of the most trampled, misunderstood and discriminated group of people in Nigerian institutions. Funny enough, they exist in every class in every secondary or tertiary institution in Nigeria. The thing with this group of people – usually maliciously called “questionnaires”- is that, they ask questions that it appears to the ” majority” of the class to be unreasonable, unintelligent or unnecessary. These mindset among others, first of all, disregards the fundamental and inherent fact that, human beings are essentially different in their mental constitution and capacities. Secondly, shaming people for asking questions in class or challenging the lecturer denies room for healthy debates and promotes an authoritarian and dogmatic train of ideas. Thirdly, there is an important right of these people that we seem to ignore, this right is the hallmark of every successful polity; the right to err rather than wallow, confidently in arrogant ignorance. It is only he that is ready to make mistakes that can come up with new innovations. If room is not left open for people with contradicting ideas- however imperfect, society will be trapped and stuck in it’s dogmatic present.
There is a fine line, between physical activities and mental activities. Many of us are good at the former and a few of us are good at the latter. Of course they are not mutually exclusive, but it is important we know the difference. For those that spend a better part of their time thinking, there is a tendency they talk less. Thinking comes with doubting, and doubting comes with being ostracized in Nigeria.