“To learn to think more critically, to doubt instead of accepting all that is intravenously fed to me through my environment, to discover what it truly is to make a free decision and what it is to be moral. To read about many intriguing philosophers and their insightful convictions. But most of all, to have the opportunity to grow as a person and create my own philosophy of life”

The above quote was dubbed from a book I read long time ago, I found the quotation (which I had scribbled down on a jotter), after many years. It was unreferenced; so I can’t say, for the life of me, where I got it from, but I guess it was a book about Rene Descartes.

In any case, it sums up, aptly and concisely, what this blog and it’s owner is all about.

Welcome to the garden of my thoughts. I hope you find a flower of wisdom of your taste.



  1. Aweni · May 22

    I wait for you to update this page😉


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