Balance that teeter

Why the world with wasteful lights

By the sun, by the moon

At dusk dawn the noon.


Why the waters part their plights

By the lakes, by the seas

Gushing soil and gorging skies.


Why the poles break the flights

To the east, to the west

Up north and down south.


Why we walk seasons

From winter to summer

And spring us to autumn.


Why life elutes like filter

And keeps the balance that teeter

The mountains and valleys, its clipper.


Roses are cheap without swinks

Smiles are bleak without weeps

Who is god without beasts?


Who are you without me?

Beseeching war without frith

Luring love without bleaks


The sun at night

Cloaks as moonlight

Both eke the world they ignite


What is right?

If the world be wrong

Yet we can’t right without a wrong.



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