On a board painted with dancing figures

The heavens to the earth beseeched X

All fingers pointed at god’s eyes.


But I, ensconced in my breast hide

Aloof in a clueless haven skin

Chosen, of all, to reconnoiter X.


The last time heavens beseeched X

Dad was summoned to Olympus

And I was demoted umptieth.


That night, it rained like waterfall

Then I knew dad, ingenious a flagellator

My crime; blind to a seeing wall.


Now its winter and heaven has called

I stared at the board again, then again again

X displaced all over its face.


But me, brother is an X pert

Who is acclaimed parrot of the house

To whom is showered the love in a mist.


I pummeled heaven, face affixed

The task it asks needs an X-ray

My eyes are blind to cynosures.


Then I kneeled at the prodigal sun

Bare my back to the god of whips

Heard my heart, dance to his beats.




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