Self Empowerment (Two Paragraphs)

The world is perhaps a two-way traffic. Things either fall in or fall out. I know right, that when things fall out, you will think it’s all the dark forces of all the planets that are in cahoots to pull you down and make your life miserable. I know also, that when things fall in, you will think its nature with all its comptness that has conspired to bring you bliss. You will find yourself asking, what have I done to deserve these????!!!

Since I realized this important principle of life, things really, have stopped to amaze me. I am perhaps at that fall out phase of life, I can’t be sure, because I don’t let it get into me anymore. I have, for all that whizzes towards me, responded so-so. I have been strong and indifferent at the same time. Falling in or falling out, the things of this life only make me stronger. And when thing get messy and I feel like the world is coming to an end, I don’t shit my pants off, or beg or cow to frights, nay! I let it go to my department of empowerment, and by God, I have never felt this strong! After all they say; what doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger.


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