Stoning To Death

Throwing stones at still waters,

Tumbul! Tumbul! -Cries of the drowning stones.

I ignore the cries, reveling in my throwing spree,

I love the sound as it breaks the silent stride;

And the breeze blowing sands onshore.


Throwing stones at bare lands in Mecca,

I love the sounds of devil’s cries

Because I could not hear them with my eyes,

Or see bruises blind the devil’s eyes with my ears.


Throwing stones in glass houses,

I love the sound of battering glass in my mind,

I love to watch a crystal empire fall,

And crumble to an irreplaceable phase;

I love to understand proverbs literally.


Throwing stones to death,

I love to hear the repentant cries of the adulterer-

The piercing sounds of stones meeting her head;

Children rejoicing as her heart stops to pump,

I love the tales of kids stoning a breathing heart to death,

The old nodding in approval of the stoning streak,

I love the things that happened in the past,

Or in distant lands I consider atavistic;

That way I can tell my kids not to imitate

And love without fear of shame.







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