Nine months of nights

Nine months of nights in this pensive cave;

Waiting for a rainy day; to be safe,

Hither, thither, the ramble in this cave,

I know not whence, I know not whither they take.


The night I saw my first light,

The room was full like the sullen moon;

Then I was tossed around in a tempest flight,

My captors revel in their daisy boon.


Children and women in ambivalent thrills-

Like plaque, the news spread in the trees

My captor cuddles me as stephanotis,

The night fell upon us as she grills.


She kept staring at my closed eyes,

A grown lad joined her banal stare

Astride I was as they dickered my price,

I heard them talk of a name to bear.


A week later I will hear that name;

Lap my ears like a hall of fame,

Forever after I will become a game,

For my captors I will always be lame.


I should bawl not for my frail;

Awaiting the day of my bail,

I should sail with the current of the sea,

But I only can wait and see.





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