What Do You Know?

It will be going a bridge too far, to ask one to investigate, to explore, to  reconnoiter or to sample, then verify, then test an outcome, then develop a theory, then wait for the theory to be disproved- in short to science. That is too much to ask of a person, so don’t science.

How about to pick a book, books because they v got to be plenty, within and without ones field of study, to explore what others have “science-d” then borrow their diverse thought to your reservoir of know-how and at least consider yourself educated. Is it too much to ask, to do? Please tell me.  OK, agreed, it is too much, oh I hate things put on paper, oh, I hate things above a single page or two hundred and fifty words. Okay don’t read

Let’s talk about looking, observing, musing, thinking, are these too demanding a task as well? On your bed, in your daily conversations, in your class, places of worship, during conversations, how hard is it to scrutinize words before they go into your heads, to observe things around you, how they happen, how often, why they happen, when they happen. I thought man was a curious being, who loves to explore, to understand his environment. I mean, this is what we have been sowing, the reaping of men; thoughtful and adventurous, who have set the pace and here we are enjoying their toils on a silver platter.

Homer Hesiod Thales Anaximander Heraclitus Xenophanes  Anaxagoras  Socrates  Plato  Aristotle  Augustine Avicenna Averroes  Thomas Aquinas Spinoza Leibniz Rousseau Kant Descartes and all their toils. Is it too much to emulate them? Okay it is too much; don’t be this people, how about try? that too is much? Okay don’t try.

How many people have seen the minute hand of the clock move, accidentally or deliberately? Are we so impatient and careless? Not to talk of the hour hand of the clock? Have you ever seen it move? Even if it is of the slightest imaginable distance, it only says one thing; that something that goes on around you every day, just above your head, or on your wrist, or on the cell phone that is always on your hand; yet you are totally ignorant of it.

Then what do you know? Brethren, what can you know?

Unless and until, you can/have seen the hour hand of the clock move, from one point to the other, stop talking about patience, you are not patient. Stop talking about knowledge, you are not curious enough!



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