Kiss On Water


Last night
I remembered God
created man and I have not
so I created this poem
all that can read will see
not because it’s a masterpiece
like Andrew Marvel’s
To His Coy Mistress
or like the seas and streams
blue by Him
last evening
I saw a flock of birds
in their flight from sky
kiss on water and swam
& I remember I haven’t
created anything so free
the breeze around the sea
wrapped me like a ring
I have never created a feel
so sweet, everyone glees
perfect for lover’s meet
last morning
my friend posted on his
whatsApp feeds, images
from the beach
sand around his feet
& water on his hair asleep
& his smile heavy
like rain that reminds me
I haven’t created a thing
that man can feel
hope in a morass of cope
loneliness, lovelessness,
lies, loss, lust, poverty,
Nigeria and other horror stories
where a laugh is worth a
million books on
hermeneutics and heuristics
I haven’t created anything
in the northeast and a tidbit
of yeast for the girls in Dapchi
& the boy in syria
so I created this poem
in 7 days no sleep
for the world to see
I created this poem:

“if only we knew

to quench our bluff

A cup of love is enough”


Canary in Your Sleep


I will fuck you for the rest of my life &
if you keep my heart under cardiac arrest
smell like lavenders and your smile new by noon
even when your graves are clipped, I will burn
candles on the brinks, and become a canary
in your sleep, wake you by evening and remind
you of the fuck you gave, before the lord
saved your walls before I break them, into
pieces of nothing left for the days that remain
forever we will unite and I will continue from
where I stopped for the rest of your death.

Hunger Feel


The Chinese army
marching in unison
cocking short guns
pounding long legs
in my head

A house uprooted
from it’s sink sleep
and placed firm
on my hand

A walk of
a thousand kilometers
no pause for air
or water splash
of face. With my legs

Pricked with spade
all let out
a gushing spring
flood my eyes

A quit notice
all let out in the cold
lavatory in base
room left bare
my stomach lay

Empty and blank
low intelligence quotient
blackout my mind
and brain drain

If a low man beggar you
in high pitch
during hunger feel, for
a meal, feed him
I beseech you.


Categorical Imperative of Love

Kiss as you will
your lips in his
love to be
lower lips first
tongue before nose
hands invisible so
goosebumps ignored
save the breast for
the last

Love with the speed
a passenger of love
command a driver
slow on bumps, and
fast in freeways
when I say stop
smack with your lips
and bite. Remember
I stop when I fall
& so you will.

Invade me as you will
an army of love soldiers
charge into your peace
drink all your wine
Split all your bread
raze your house to ground
leave you hopeless
homeless and lifeless
with a piece of my love
for the rest of your life.





For the love of calm
he hates man
For the love of God
who created man
he gave himself
a sip of wine
made of hope and

For the love of God
he loved one
pair of man
who gave him
a taste of, the
best of man

One had the heart
of gold
who gave him a
kiss of life
The other, a heart
of stone
who built him, the
bricks of life

After one month of man
he now drowns
in a pool of hearts
two man can
make a life
two lives can break
a man

Lost that night
one died in a car that crashed
glory, the car was insured
the other died in her sleep
glory, her bed was laid
the lies we tell ourselves
love can save us all
until the crash and
now we have

Petrichor of the dead hearts
stinking of love once had
now his heart has lesions
forever he has lost his calm


What About the Sun



Everyone wants a sun
To cast on her face, sunbeams
Take away the rain and shine
What about the sun’s

What about the bats
And the noise that comes with light
And the loneliness that comes
After Goodnight.

What about the night
Cast out by light
And the sweats that pore
From the poor.


My Body is a Burden


My body is a burden
That needs to be carried
Beyond nine calendar months
Like bag on the back
On baby wraps and slings

Now I carry myself on my head
Traveling for the rest of my life
A journey to afterlife
My body is a burden